The Spice Maniac is dedicated to the many joys and excess pleasures of spices in their many shapes and forms.

Spice is such an evocative word, and even sounds exciting phonetically. It’s an exclamation, and just immediately takes me to a zone of exhilaration and buzz. Nothing beats the fun of sharing wondrous spicy dishes with those close and dear to us, and as I always say, a meal made with love puts the love back into our lives.

So much of our days, weeks, and months are taken up with the mundane, with the humdrum – commitments and work, responsibilities and worries – that we so badly need those ‘Highlight’ gaps in our week, those events to look forward to. I long ago reached a stage where I no longer looked for ‘IT’ out there – because ‘IT’ resides inside, when your heart is moved, and when your senses are ignited. But that can only take place when you are open to it. And although I’m sure we all have different takes on this, for me what works is good simple connections with that handful of beings that mean something to me – and that’s my family (both 2 legged and 4 legged), and my close friends. I’m never happier than when I’ve created something special for them to share with me. And, needless to say, my spice cupboard is rarely closed – for the spices in my food add that zing, that pizzazz, that 6th dimension, call it what you will.

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