About Me

Miriam Sorrell


I am the author of Mouthwatering Vegan (published by Random House) and Yasou, my recent book unveiling my roots and the culinary adventure from which they stem. I love the prominent characteristics that cross cultures and manage to find themselves in many a kitchen around the world. As the years roll on, so does my fascination with the richest cuisines of the world as they begin to draw me in deep into their wondrous claws. I am a little cheeky when it comes to food – I am known as an alchemist. My passion for food and spices is not getting any closer to either being diluted, nor withering in any way, but on the contrary – drawing me in deeper to the exotic nectar and deeply embedded in this nectar is my growing fascination and passion for spices, the taste, the tingle, the tickle and the excitement that they bring to the table, to the conversation, to the body, to the food and to the spirit.

My love and passion for spices in their many culinary uses (medicinal too, since I am a holistic practitioner) has led me to the pinnacle from where the adventure begins and continues both at once. It is a mischievous, yet compelling way to behave in the kitchen – the naughtiness of what is about to happen, the anticipation of interaction with how the dish will marry and serve – I could write a whole book about this. But since this subject alone warrants many episodes, I have decided to immerse myself in this project. ‘The Spice Maniac’ is the platform from where I will bounce many a time to offer you episodes of the Spice Maniac’s new plant-based shorts found in little book volumes I am currently preparing – packed with spices, and recipes that will blow you away, will excite you and will unravel the little spice maniac that resides in each and every person who dares embark on such an adventure full of colour, aroma, and dimension – from there and into the wild !  I invite you to sign up and join our Spice Maniac Club.