‘The Spice Maniac Dried Mix’ 100g – the Ultimate Umami Rush !





This rich Spice Maniac Mix has been developed over many months, with special care taken to create a sense of dimension in savoury dishes. A combination of hot, bitter, sweet, and savoury come together to synchronize with high octane citrus and foreground heat, as well as a little barely detectible smoke. It works its magic on your taste buds and mood, transporting you on the waves of its distinct character, like a 4D experience in your mouth. This takes the eating experience up several notches, and I warn you, it IS seriously addictive !

This spice mix is designed to elevate the umami factor in many savory dishes, adding heat, body, tone, colour and aroma to your recipes. The scope for its usage is endless as you enjoy this wonderful spice journey. Always keep a jar of Spice Maniac Mix to hand. Store in an air tight container in a dark, cool place – in this way it will last over 6 months, but be sure to keep it dry.

The Spice Maniac Mix can be used to enhance & power food as follows :

  1. Rubbed on veggies prior to roasting/baking – just mix it with your oil, and massage it onto your pre-cooked vegetables.
  2. Add it to the tomato mix to bring out the heat in your pizza, or simply sprinkle it on top.
  3. Add it to any pasta sauce to bring you umami tones and flavours .
  4. Add to stews for a warmer undertone
  5. Add to curries for a richer, deeper rich flavour
  6. Add to rice dishes to enhance the flavour.   You can make up a risotto with your favourite chopped up veggies, cook them first, then add your spice mix, mix, then add pre-cooked rice, lower the heat and add 1/8 cup of water. Then stir on and off for 5 minutes, serve and enjoy the aroma.
  7. The Spice Maniac Mix can be added to any savoury pie filling of your choice
  8. Use the Spice Maniac Mix as a filling for stuffed veggies of your choice
  9. The SM mix can also be used in raw vegan savoury cooking for added umami (including crackers prior to dehydrating)
  10. You may add the SM mix to any veg mayo or savoury dip of your choice
  11. SM works excellent for BBQs, as a marinade for any fake meat or veg – simply mix it with olive oil and some chopped garlic, process in your food processor, and marinate your veggies or other in it for a couple of hours – works well on meat free sausages too, and also as a brush on portobello mushrooms etc.
  12. Also works great added prior to roasting potatoes, both whole as in jacket potatoes, or potato wedges.
  13. Sprinkle onto your salads if you DARE !

Oh the Joy !

Product Information : Soya-free, no added wheat, no animal product, lactose-free, dairy-free,  egg-free, celery-free, nut-free (although made in an area which may contain nuts and soya).



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